Key things to optimize, speed up performance for your web app…

Whether you design, build, test, maintain, or manage applications, you need to consider performance. If your software does not meet its performance objectives, your application is unlikely to be a success. If you do not know your performance objectives, it is unlikely that you will meet them. The key things that you can do or focus before you start looking at performance of any web application. It is important to follow the orders:

  1. Minimize your TCP Round Trips / Server Requests from your page.
  2. Minimize client blocking / load blocking.
  3. Minimize latency / the distance from your content to your user.
  4. Server / Code optimization


What is Empty Cache?

When users come to your site, your images are loaded into their browser’s cache.

How often does this happen on your live site?

Do you know if/ how often images are cached on your site?

Loading images, css, js etc. from your server to a client browser takes time, bandwidth and resources.

More coming…stay tuned… 🙂

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